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I've been an artist since the day I was born. My mother likes to recall a story from my early years when the family was sitting at the dinner table. She said my father was coming home from New York soon, and she and my family would all laugh at my response: "What color is he?" I shouted, as I sat drawing at the dinner table.

From those early days of my wonderchild innocence, I continued to be enchanted by art and design. I went to college and earned a degree in design and illustration. Throughout the years, I've studied with many very talented artists, designers and painters. As a professional designer, I've had the opportunity to work on many well-known projects. All the while, I've continued to draw and paint using oils, watercolor and charcoal. My fine art has been, and still is, a refuse and a treasured source of great bliss and personal artistic development for my creativity and expression.

As an artist and painter, I strive to connect with the subject matter I'm portraying at the moment of capture and immediacy, and discover a deeper meaning and imbue a personal statement within each piece. Every conveyance of formation is an experimentation in artistic skill, design, color, and intuition. All things possess an essence of being that I strive to bring forth. It's this intangible realm which I move into and attempt to encapsulate in an exquisite resting place.

I've always been fascinated with the designs and patterns found in nature. The pure genius of creation is revealed in each subtle yet expansive variation of life. The many layers of deepening and widening blueprints found in our world of infinite abundance, are opened up as I let myself be enlightened and enthralled with natures master works of vibrancy, form, surface and nuance.

Like the boxes full of drawings and designs my mother kept from my childhood, my studio is now filled with expositions of the world around us, all an emanation from the wonderchild that still lives within me. Each portrayal, is an attempt to engender the life force essence that makes a great piece of art what it should be, and ultimately, must be. I sincerely hope these imports of conception, transcribed and steeped into drawings, paintings and designs, will bestow a sense of pleasure and contentment upon all who choose to experience them.

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