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Personal Profile


Cameron Hart Gardner was born February 14th 1963 in Ogden Utah. He graduated with honors from Salt Lake City Community College in 1982 with a major in Illustration. He studied and taught at the Petersen Art Center from 1991-1992. He studied with Jeff Hein and the Hein Academy. He also taught as an Adjunct Professor at BEAU in Salt Lake City.

Cameron has created numerous works for private collectors, and most notably had the opportunity to complete two large commissioned murals for Dan's Foods. The first measuring 6' x 100' and the second measuring 6' x 70' in Holiday Utah and Park City Utah respectively. The Apple Orchard over the produce section in the Holiday location held for over twenty years before being decommissioned by a remodel of the stores.

Cameron for the most part, is a self-taught artist and has been a creator since he was old enough to hold a pencil. For the last 30 years, Cameron has been a professional designer, illustrator and painter and has had a very prolific career in commercial art and fine art using watercolors, oils and charcoal.

For the last 15 years his design firm Design CGS has been involved in some of the biggest names in the world, including illustrations and designs for Expo 2020 in Dubai. Most recently, he has begun to devote more time to the pursuit of his fine art projects, including large oil works, watercolors, and untraditional and unique large scale charcoal drawings.

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